Bush meals,Maasai Dance, Camp Bonfire & Maasai Village Visit

Bush meals.

The experience of having meals cooked and served in the Kenya´s wilderness is exciting, memorable, and totally unique.
With a glass of Champaign or wine in your hand, you will be able listen to the sound of birds. In the distance sometimes you might hear the roar of a lion, trumpeting elephants and the grunting of the nearby hippos, not counting the zebras and the gazelles who are frequent visitors in the camp.

Maasai cultural dances.

For guests interested in the diverse culture of the peoples around the camp. One is able to see prehistoric sites from early man to modern day Kenya and get a taste of the ancient Maasai culture and activities. Each young man will jump as high as he can while the others stand in a circle and sing. The voices of the men get higher as the jumping increases. This jumping dance is as familiar to the Western world as the red-clad and beaded Masai warriors themselves. In the Masai language, this dancing competition is called the “adumu”. There are dances for celebration when a lion is killed by the warriors, a dance for the blessing of cattle, and dances performed at wedding ceremonies. Most of the Masai dances are pretty simple, and consist of a lot of bending, but with the feet staying still on the ground.

Camp bonfire.

Light a fire using a hardwood stick and a softwood (cedar)! “They set the cedar on a metal blade then ground it with the hardwood stick. The shavings caught fire and they transferred it to a bundle of dried grass to make a larger fire.” Be part of this thrilling activity and learn the basics of survival in the wilderness while you sit around the blazing bonfire telling traditional stories or dancing around it. The event connects you to the local people able to share and understand the African way of life.

Maasai village visits.

These authentic and fully functional Maasai villages are untouched by commercialism and the need to appear “traditional” in order to be more appealing to tourists. You are visiting people’s homes and being exposed to the reality of how they live and operate on a daily basis. The experience of their culture is raw and powerful and will leave you in awe of how their customs and traditions have remained unchanged over the years, despite the rapid technological advancements that have gripped the rest of the world.

Guided nature walks

Setting out on a walking safari in the Masai Mara ecosystem not only offers you the chance to stretch your legs, but also the opportunity to focus on some of the smaller ecosystems that are often overlooked from the height of a vehicle. The intricate construction of termite mounds, the role and importance of dung beetles, and the variety of bird life in the area are just some of the subjects you may encounter on your excursion. The walking safari guides are all highly trained and carry a wealth of information that they are only too happy to share, be it about a peculiar track in the sand or the call of an unseen bird. Walking safaris are not permitted in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Mara Adventure

Game Drives

Game Drives.

Day and Evening Game drives: Done in an open vehicle, as well as birding and walking excursions, are all part of the Elangata Olerai experience. Community guiding offers the unique insights into the local habitat for which we are famous. Wildlife and Game Viewing excursions into the Maasai Mara Game Reserve are the most fantastic events that linger in your memories forever! At this point you get to see unique species, some of which come around in the evenings to within hailing distance.


Ballon Safaris & Private Charters

Balloon safaris.

From the comfort and safety of an air balloon you truly experience adventure aloft, viewing among many other wonders, some of the estimated 500 lions that prowl the Mara from a low altitude and speed that no other aircraft can provide.

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