Masai Mara
The Mara is the home of the ancient African warriors, the Maasai. With the adjoining Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the south, they make the home to a huge population of elephant, hippo, buffalo, giraffe, gazelle and impala. Predators are plentiful especially the cheetah, crocodile, leopard lion. Bird life is abundant with 450 species having been recorded.

A grand spectacle to be seen at least once in a lifetime is the annual migration of the wildebeest. More than 1/2 a million wildebeest march to Maasai Mara from the Serengeti in July, forming a single column extending tens of kilometres, where they remain till October when they begin to trek southbound, back to the Serengeti. Among the wildlife sanctuaries of the world Maasai Mara is considered by many a visitor to be the most picturesque. Balloon safaris are one of the unique features of the Mara giving the traveller an everlasting memory of this great country.

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